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Heart Transverter

Heart Transverter has designed, developed, and is mass-producing and marketing a radical new technology, the Transverter

The Heart Transverter and its sub-components are highly programmable building blocks that can reshape the entire electrical infrastructure. The Heart Transverter simultaneously addresses the Alternative Energy, Mobile Power, UPS (uninterruptible power supplies for computers) and Battery Testing markets. It not only addresses all of them with one product, but it integrates all of them and provides the working ingredients for energy intelligence and distributed control and analysis.

Home owners benefit by enjoying true energy security, major cost savings on both energy infrastructure costs and ongoing energy costs along with complete granular control of the power within their homes.

The Heart Transverter facilitates the real smart grid, providing autonomous smart nodes, implementable today, integrated Renewable Energy, demand response, data acquisition, advanced metering, end to end communications, power quality control, energy security, community energy storage, a living system, evolving and adding applications over time. There is nothing else that has been proposed which comes close to these benefits.

The Heart Transverter delivers a “True Energy Paradigm Shift” and is the missing link that will help to save the environment, while delivering energy security to people around the world.

Learn more about Heart Transverter’s Product click here.

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– Read this detailed paper Transverters for Residential Solar & Microgrids This gives a home perspective. To get the Grid’s perspective read Grid Solar Orchestra.

– Heart Transverter Web Site:

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