Software Solutions

Building Intelligence Quotient

ASSESS YOUR BUILDING’S INTELLECTUAL CAPACITY: The BiQ, or Building Intelligence Quotient, program is an online building intelligence assessment tool which helps management to determine the status of their building against current industry norms and identifies opportunities for improvement. BiQ was developed for CABA, the Continental Automated Building Association, the not-for-profit industry association that promotes advanced technologies for the automation of buildings globally. In addition to BiQ, CABA engages industry leaders in a collaborative approach to advance the interests of the intelligent building sector and the cause of smart, energy efficient buildings.


Eagle Technology

COMPUTERIZE YOUR FACILITY MANAGEMENT PROCESSES: Eagle Technology’ ProTeus is one of the most widely used facility management software solutions due to its flexibility and price performance. ProTeus Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) helps building owners, managers and service companies to improve building comfort and occupant productivity by optimizing the management of  building operations. ProTeus is scalable to large and small facilities and it is easy to introduce and adapt by users.



TRAIN YOURSELF TO BECOME AN ENERGY EXPERT: IBEX is an online energy management training program designed specifically for building owners, facility managers and professionals who need to deal strategically with energy issues. IBEX is based on the advanced UK Energy Institute’s Training in Energy Management through Open Learning (TEMOL). The online program is self-paced and supported by team of  professional staff. The final project of the program is an actual audit of an actual facility to assess energy savings and water conservation opportunities using the skills acquired over the course of the program.