Controls Solutions

AirAdvice CONDUCT A FACILITY ENERGY SURVEY AUTOMATICALLY: The BuildingAdvice portable and modular AirAdvice system is a comprehensive energy assessment and reporting tool that incorporates a linked set of wireless energy monitoring sensors energy connected to a home station which in turn connects to EnergyStar™ to generate comprehensive reports on the building’s energy performance and energy savings opportunities.

Cypress EnviroSystems

Cypress EnviroSystems’ wireless meters and controls allows the automation of pneumatically operated HVAC systems, legacy manual pressure gauges, stand-alone transducers, steam traps, UPS batteries, freezers and other equipment and devices that traditionally required frequent manual inspection, monitoring and adjustment. Cypress controls can be easily and seamlessly retrofitted into existing building systems to provide enhanced real-time control of building and system operations, dramatically reducing labour costs and while improving risk mitigation and incidence response capabilities.


PACE Controls – The Pacemaker for Packaged HVAC Systems

The PaceController™ calculates and establishes optimal run times for HVAC system compressors and burner units resulting in improved system performance while generating significant energy savings.