Lighting Solutions

Rapid advances are taking place in the field of lighting solutions that help building owners and managers to dramatically reduce the amount of power required light facilities. The following are some of the products and technologies that we currently represent:

Natural Lighting – SES delivers to its clients the most advanced automated shylights that incorporate sun tracking, T5 fixtures to compensate for reduced solar imput when required and automated shades when solar input reduction is required

Automated Shades – SES will be introducing a new light of smart shade solutions that provide automated control over sun input, dramatically reducing summer peak air conditioning load

LED Lighting – SES is introducing some of the most advanced LED solutions available on the market

Etron Energy External Lighting Control System-SES Rep

Lighting Controls – SES is introducing an extensive line of advanced lighting controls that facilitate the intelligent management of building lighting by taking advantage of natural sunlight, through a process called Daylight Harvesting, and by shutting of specific light fixtures or entire lighting zones when lighting is not required.






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