Magnetite Canada Window Improvement Systems





Magnetite Acrylic interior window systems help insulate a building by adding a new pane of acrylic panel magnetically sealed to a new steel frame creating an additional air space that minimize the heat loss and gains from the exterior windows reducing the escape of heated, cooled and conditioned air from the interior of the premises. Magnetite panels reduce energy costs by reducing the need for the building’s HVAC equipment to produce make up air, improve occupant comfort and also eliminates noise from the exterior improving productivity of the occupants. Toronto Hydro and other electric distribution companies offer incentives when the building adds Magnetite and the Custom Solutions application uses an energy model that shows the permanent reduction of electricity useage.

Watch the detailed video from the US Magnetite and then call us at Sustainable Environmental Solutions for our Magnetite Canada solutions. Watch our recent webinar to Durham Sustain Ability below:

or download our presentation to AEE Chapter here.
AEESOC Magnetite Presentation

Clients Include:

  • Residential Homes
  • Condominiums and Rental apartments
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Schools and community Centres
  • Commercial and Office Buildings

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