Energy Solutions


Triogen is a leading ORC manufacturer and supplier whose ORC technology converts heat from your business process into $. When applied to landfill sites, digesters, diesel engines, wood burners, furnaces, etc. the Triogen ORC produces valuable green electricity.

eTron Energy

Manufacturers and Designers of: Advanced Energy Savings Technologies, High Efficacy Back Contact Solar Panels,  Wide variety of LED Lighting, High Volume Housing Technologies with Off-Grid capabilities,  Smart City Technologies for Industrial, Commercial, Private & Government and Military sectors.

Broad Technology

Broad Technology’s absorption chillers convert heat generated from natural gas, bio-fuels, solid wastes, solar energy or exhaust gases to generate chill water and air conditioning. This technology dramatically decreases demand on the power grid during the summer peak demand periods when electricity prices are at a premium and supplies are strained. As a consequence, Broad absorption chillers are particularly valuable elements in Combined and Power Projects (CHP).

EVduty charging solutions

For residential and commercial use.

Elmec’s EVduty product line includes Level 2 charging stations (240V) and a 50kW DC fast charger (DCFC). Configuration of EVduty Smart chargers (private or public) and access to the EVduty public charging network is managed through the EVduty mobile app.

EVduty | Level 2 | 240VAC 7.2 kW
EVduty Mobile App
EVduty Structures
EVduty-3 | Level 3 | 400VDC 50 kW(DCFC)
EVduty Documents (user manuals and spec sheets)